Sunday, 9 September 2012

1789 Cognac sells for £19,000

An extremely rare, 223-year-old half bottle of 1789 A.C. Meukow & Co Cognac has been bought by an anonymous collector for £19,000. As reported on, the bottle was snapped up from The Old Liquors Collection owned by Dutch Cognac enthusiast Bay van der Bunt.

Along with the 1789 Cognac, the collector also splashed out £12,900 for a 182-year-old Remy Martin Cognac from 1830 from the Dutchman’s cellar. Van der Bunt claims he has the world’s largest collection of old and rare liquors

The collection, comprising over 5,000 bottles, is estimated to be worth £6 million. van der Bunt (pictured) keeps his old and rare bottles safe in a converted cow shed on the outskirts of the southern Dutch city of Breda. The 64-year-old has spent the last 40 years amassing the rare gems and admits that not everyone understands his passion.

"My father said: 'You are out of your mind to collect liquor. Why don't you invest in something worthwhile?' I didn't listen,” he said. van der Bunt was planning on selling his collection in its entirety, but revealed that the offer he received for the pair of Cognacs was too good to turn down.

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