Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wine comes to McDonald's in Mendoza

Mendoza outlets of McDonald’s have started selling wine as part of a value meal. Billed as the "Sabores Mendocinos" menu, the meal, on sale for 47 Argentine pesos (£6.86), includes a double-patty Angus beef burger, two meat empanadas and a 187mL bottle of Bodega Santa Julia Malbec. The label describes the wine as "an intense, balanced wine with aromas of red fruits and spices." I’m lovin’ it.


  1. you can recreate the experience if you swing via waitrose on your way to maccy d's then grab a steak cornish pasty to accompany your double burger (preferably just before hopping on the 11pm train home)


  2. Wine in McDonald's is the way forward - or, at the very least, a drinks station where you can serve yourself soda like they do in the US!

  3. being totally honest, over the last 10 years anyone selling me wine in McDonalds would have been in breach of their licence for supplying alcohol to someone who was visibly inebriated and in no need of any more....