Saturday, 14 January 2012

Vodka-filled Fabergé eggs hit the UK

Russian-based company Ladoga has released 100 Fabergé-inspired eggs onto the UK market, filled with Imperial Collection Vodka, as reported on Crafted by Russian artisans using enamel, crystals, and 24-carat gold gilding, the eggs are modelled on the world-famous jewelled eggs created by master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé over a century ago.

Housed inside is a decanter, four Venetian glasses, and a bottle of super premium vodka made from homegrown wheat and rye with a water base from Lake Ladoga, the largest freshwater lake in Europe. The vodka is filtered 5 times through birch charcoal, then several times through quartz sand and finally though an algae, whose microstructure supposedly guarantees purity.

The smoothness and velvety texture of the resulting vodka aims to recapture the style of vodka that was enjoyed by the aristocracy of St Petersburg in the 19 Century. Each egg is topped by a golden eagle designed by a Florentine master jeweller who has worked in the Vatican for over 30 years. Brought into the UK through luxury brand development company Signature Lifestyles, only 100 eggs will be made for the collection each year.

The world-renowned Fabergé eggs were fashionable among the elite in St Petersburg over 100 years ago. The most popular pieces created by Fabergé were the miniature, jewelled eggs worn on a neck chain. 50 larger eggs were created for Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II. Of the 50 made for the Imperialist rulers, 42 have survived.

The Imperial Collection Vodka eggs are available at Browns boutique in London’s South Molton Street, ranging from £2,600 for the coloured enamel egg, to £5,600 for the gold and silver egg.

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