Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oh deer! Cath Kidston in trouble with Babycham

Accolade Wines has taken the dramatic step of issuing a High Court writ against wholesome homewear company Cath Kidston in order to protect its Babycham mascot. The Drinks Business reports that the wine company has accused Kidston of infringing its copyright when a similar deer-like creature appeared on her 2012 Christmas range.

Leaping to fame in the ‘70s, the iconic Babycham logo features a baby chamois wearing a blue ribbon. Kidston denies the accusation, insisting that there are no “substantial similarities” between the logos. "While it can’t be denied that deer and chamois are both hoofed ruminants unaccustomed to wearing ribbons, the differences speak for themselves, not least arising out of the absence of horns and the springing 'springbok' stance,” said Kidston’s lawyer Philip Roberts.
Kidston's Christmas deer

Accolade is seeking an injunction to prevent Kidston from using the deer logo, along with "destruction" of all products marked with the logo, and an inquiry into the damage caused. “We have been advised that Babycham's action is without merit. We will fight these claims accordingly. As the matter is being litigated, we can make no further comment at this time,” said a spokesperson for Cath Kidston.

Born in Marylebone in 1958, Catherine Kidston MBE is best known for her floral patterns adorning everything from aprons and egg cups to gardening gloves. She opened her first shop in London's Notting Hill in 1993, selling hand-embroidered tea-towels and renovated furniture.

In February 2010, the company was valued at £75m when Kidston sold a majority stake to private equity investors TA Associates, retaining a minority stake and remaining the company's creative director. Babycham was the first alcohol brand and second ever brand to be advertised on commercial TV in the UK with a campaign in 1957.

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